In this Article, We are going to review Razer Nabu Watch. With Specification and Description. Here are the pros and cons of the Razer Nabu watch 👇


+Good battery life.

+Displays push notifications.

+Tracks basic fitness metrics.


-Inaccurate calorie and sleep measurements.


-Unique styling not for everyone.

-Small OLED display.

-Weak backlight.

A smartwatch has been added to Razer’s expanding Nabu wearables lineup. Similar to the Martian Alpha T10, the Nabu Watch ($149.99) is more of a conventional watch with some smart capabilities. It functions as a (very) basic activity tracker and includes a tiny OLED screen at the bottom of its face that shows push notifications like email and text messages, however testing revealed that its accuracy might be better. The Nabu Watch may appeal to those who enjoy the aggressive style of Razer products, but many other items are available that do the same thing better.

Availability, Design, and Display

Razer offers the watch in two versions. The $199.99 Forged Edition has buttons made of stainless steel, while the $149.99 average model has buttons made of durable polycarbonate with green accents. I looked over the typical model.

The Nabu Watch appears to be a product of the 1990s. It has a large, clunky design akin to the Casio G-Shock ($4.95 at Amazon)(Opens in a new window), mixed with the appearance of an ancient Xbox or Razer’s own Nabu X ($4.95 at Amazon)(Opens in a new window). With green highlights, black rubber covers everything.

The watch is the largest smartwatch I’ve examined so far, measuring 2.16 inches in diameter, 0.66 inches thick, and 2.9 ounces in weight. It dwarfs the Guess Connect, which, depending on size, is 1.61 or 1.77 inches in diameter ($606.00 at Amazon)(Opens in a new window). The bracelet is 4.13 inches long and a full inch wide. For a snug fit, it has a buckle design with two prongs, but when worn high or tightly, the watch’s sharp edges cut into my delicate wrist.

The thick rubber case has four circular buttons on it: Adjust, Light, Mode, and Set. At the bottom of the case is a fifth Command button in the form of a pill. These buttons manage the twin displays of the watch.

There are two main zones on the watch face itself. The top portion resembles the face of an ordinary digital clock. By pushing the Mode button, you can change between multiple stopwatch and timer modes, such as split time, countdown timer, and elapsed time. It also shows the date and time. Additionally, you can choose between 12- and 24-hour versions. The Nabu app allows you to automatically sync time, local time, and alarms from connected devices, while time can also be changed manually. A replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery that can last up to a year powers the top display.

A 128 by 16 pixel OLED display is located at the bottom of the watch face. You can view all of your associated smartphone’s alerts here, including emails, social media posts, and text messages. By clicking the Command button underneath it, you may also cycle through your calories, miles traveled, and steps taken on this page. A rechargeable lithium polymer battery powers this display for around a week. Unfortunately, the proprietary charging connection that comes with the device is rather short, making charging more difficult than it needs to be.

Features, Pairing, and Performance
The watch contains a 3-axis accelerometer that allows it to track steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. It can also track sleep and contains a vibration motor.

It’s easy to connect the Nabu Watch to your smart device. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on first. then get the free Nabu app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Open the app, select the Nabu Watch icon, and then adhere to the prompts on the screen. Connecting the watch to a Samsung Galaxy S6 ($211.76 at Amazon)(Opens in a new window)took approximately a minute. Devices running iOS 8 or later or Android 4.3 or later are compatible with the Nabu watch.


Notifications function as promised, but testing revealed that calorie and sleep tracking were unreliable. And the watch is quite uncomfortable to wear, regardless of how you feel about the style. The Martian Alpha T10 is a conventional-looking watch with smart functionality, like speakerphone, fitness tracking, and notification delivery.

Additionally, there is the Timex Metropolitan+, which is more affordable than the Nabu Watch and provides much more precise fitness information. The Pebble Time ($78.99 at Amazon)(Opens in a new window) is your best option at this price point if you want a true smartwatch with more advanced features like a color display and an app ecosystem. Additionally, the aforementioned Fitbit Charge HR and Misfit Flash are good choices if you’re primarily interested in fitness tracking.

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