• Sculpted, but the balanced sound signature
  • In-app EQ
  • Above-average active noise cancellation
  • Water-resistant build


  • Can’t produce deep sub-bass
  • Lackluster on-ear control options
1More Aero True Wireless Earbuds Review


True WirelessYes
Connection TypeBluetooth
Active Noise CancellationYes

The good news is that they provide above average active noise cancellation (ANC) and admirable sound quality for the price. The 1More Aero noise canceling true wireless headphones ($109.99) must compete with increasingly fierce rivals. However, their on-ear control system is unimpressive, and other models stand out slightly more from the competition. The Editors’ Choice-winning Anker Soundcore Space A40 earphones ($99.99) give a reasonably comparable overall experience but with the advantage of a more feature rich app.

1More Aero – Design

The oddly long, stem style earpieces come in black or white and have an eggshell like plastic finish. When you pair them or put them in the charging dock, white status LEDs show through the plastic at the base of each stem. It is feasible to get a secure fit, but you must angle them so that your cheek touches them, which is unusual. However, if you can get past that peculiarity, they feel very cozy. They come without additional fit accessories, only four pairs of silicone eartips in S, M, L, and XL sizes.

The frequency range delivered by 10mm dynamic speakers is 20Hz to 20KHz. The headphones are Bluetooth 5.2 compliant and work with the AAC and SBC codecs but not AptX. The Anker model above performs better thanks to support for the high resolution LDAC codec (for Android users).



The stems have capacitive touch capabilities. Tap on either earpiece twice to handle calls or control playback, and tap three times to activate the voice assistant on your device. To change the listening modes, touch and hold on (ANC, Transparent, or Off). Although the default control layout could be more ambitious, you can alter it using the app. For instance, if you don’t mind giving up easy access to your voice assistant, you can set triple taps to control the volume. The layout may become even less logical if you give each earbud a separate function.

Many other entries with active noise cancellation have an IPX4 rating; therefore, this device’s IPX5 water resistance rating is only marginally above average. The earpieces should endure light rain, sweat, and water sprays from any angle. They cannot be exposed to more substantial water pressure, such as that from a faucet. It would be best to completely dry the earpieces before docking them because the rating does not cover the charging case. We recommend the JBL Aero earbuds ($149.95), which have an IP68 rating and are completely waterproof and dustproof if you require something more robust.

1More Aero – Charging

The slightly large charging case has rounded corners and a slick finish, but the flip top cover is manageable to open because of its recessed lip. A battery status LED and a USB-C port for the included USB-C to USB-A charging cable are located in the front region beneath the lid. On the back, there is a reset/manual pairing button.

1More Aero earbud image

According to 1More, the case may last between 15 and 21 hours, and the earphones can last around five hours with ANC on or seven hours without it (depending on your use of ANC). The volume you typically listen to music at will also affect these numbers. According to the manufacturer, it takes two hours to charge the case thoroughly and around an hour to charge the earphones fully.

1More Aero – App Experience

The 1More Music app (available for iOS and Android) has a straightforward design. Top are pictures of the earpieces and the cover, as well as battery life estimates for all three parts. You can choose between ANC, Transparent, and Off settings in the listening area below. You can select between Strong, Mild, Wind Noise Reduction (WNR), and Adaptive choices in ANC mode; these options are covered in greater detail in the following section.


An EQ and customization options for on-ear controls are located farther down. The latter provides ten bands between 69Hz and 14KHz, with many presets and a fully customized opportunity. Additionally, you may turn on Smart Loudness (which helps you tune the bass, mids, and treble for your intended listening volume level) and Spatial Audio, both of which are, by default, disabled. Spatial Audio combines a passable head tracking feature with a dreadful delay/reverb. Although we advise turning them off, Smart Loudness can at least be helpful in some circumstances.


The 10-band EQ in the 1More Aero earphones’ companion app allows you lots of versatility to customize the audio presentation to your preferences. They sound very nice right out of the box. For the price, its noise canceling is also better than average. Nevertheless, their total worth was harmed by slightly unimpressive on-ear control options and the absence of a genuinely intriguing feature. The Anker Soundcore Space A40 earphones are still our Editors’ Choice winner for a little less money since they have a better app and improved on-ear controls. JBL’s Reflect Aero headphones are also good rivals, built much more robustly. The second generation AirPods Pro is worth its additional price if you want the best noise cancellation.

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