In this Article, We are going to review Etymotic ER3 XR. With Specification and Description. Here are the pros and cons of the Etymotic ER3 XR 👇


+Accurate audio with deep but clean bass response.

+Detachable cable.

+Lightweight, secure in-ear fit with multiple ear tip options.


-Not for those seeking big bass sound.

-No inline remote.


True WirelessNo
Connection TypeStereo 3.5mm
Active Noise CancellationNo

I was thrilled when Etymotic released a new set of in-ear headphones designed for audiophiles on a reasonable budget because there haven’t been many high-quality, affordable in-ears recently. The ER3 XR earphones cost $179, which isn’t cheap, but it’s cheaper than their five-star sister, the ER4 XR. The brand-new ER3 SE earphones from Etymotic are also available and cost $179. Essentially, XR and SE stand for “studio edition” and “extended response,” respectively (flat response). Because they appear a little more in tune with contemporary mixes, which sometimes have a little more extra bass depth, we’re giving the XR our Editors’ Choice award. The ER3 XR earbuds are almost ideal in-ear headphones for picky audiophiles because they beautifully convey this depth without overdoing it.


Style is not the reason to buy Etymotic products, but the company has at least learned to make its products sleeker and less reminiscent of medical equipment. The black ER3 XR are nondescript, lightweight in-ears. They ship with two pairs of flange ear tips (in two sizes) and a pair of foam ear tips that boost the bass a little more.

The fit is quite tight, whether using the foam tips or the flange tips. Although getting the flanges just perfect at first can be challenging, the audio performance they enable is excellent. If the bass is deficient, but the ear tips are comfortable, try going up a size and see if it makes a difference. If not, pick the foam tips.

You also receive a shirt clip and a little zip-up carrying pouch in addition to the ear tips. However, their primary purpose is to shield drivers from earwax. Filters are tiny cylindrical endings for the earpieces’ nozzles that level out the frequency response a little. They are straightforward to install with the provided tool, but due to their small size, they are also simple to misplace.

The four-foot cable is removable, which significantly increases its value. It’s simple to replace a cable; under regular usage, cables usually fail before drivers do. The cable also has a shirt clip and a cinch slider. There is no inbuilt remote, so all audio control must be done on your device, and there is no microphone for answering calls.

The earpieces’ internal structure houses balanced armature micro-drivers with an impedance of 22 ohms and a frequency response of 20 Hz to 16 kHz.


The ER3 XR earphones from Etymotic are among the most precise we’ve recently tried, with just the right amount of bass depth to make contemporary mixes pop. Although we adore the sound of the RHA CL750 earphones, its delicate sculpting and boosting of the sound signature may be preferred over the almost-clinical detail of the Etymotic. You may achieve even more precision and clarity by spending more money. For instance, both the Etymotic ER4 XR and ER4 SR stand out. However, for this price range, the ER3 XR and ER3 SE are your best options for crisp audio, with the ER3 XR earning our Editors’ Choice.

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