In this Article, We are going to review Apple Airpods Pro. With Specification and Description. Here are the pros and cons of the Apple Airpods Pro 👇


+Strong audio performance

+Quality active noise cancellation

+Secure in-ear fit

+Hands-free Siri access

+Wireless charging case

+Splash-resistant build



-No on-ear volume controls

-ANC and EQ aren’t adjustable


True WirelessYes
Connection TypeBluetooth, Apple H1
Active Noise CancellationYes

General Details

It’s undeniable that Apple, with its ostensibly ubiquitous AirPods, is the business that popularized genuine wireless earphones, even though it wasn’t the first to produce them. The new AirPods Pro surprised us because, despite their popularity, we weren’t huge lovers of the prior two generations. These genuine earphones, which cost $249, seal off your ear canal rather than resting against it as regular AirPods do. This results in an enormous improvement in both the fit and the audio performance, with deep, rich bass and clear high-mid presence. Additionally, the AirPods Pro include certified splash-proof construction and effective active noise cancellation (ANC). They easily merit the price premium over the base model and are given our Editors’ Choice designation.

Design and Controls



The AirPods Pro’s glossy white style is comparable to the standard model but has certain significant additions. The ANC/ambient mics now have black grilles on the outer panels, and each earpiece’s “stem” has a control panel strip on the front. The earpieces have an IPX4 rating, which also implies they are splash-proof. This rating is an improvement over the normal AirPods, which have no official classification and aren’t as sturdy as other gym-friendly, waterproof devices with an IPX7 rating. However, remember that the IPX4 designation only applies to the earpieces, so avoid submerging them, exposing them to genuine water pressure, or getting the case wet.

Apple Airpods Pro


Three pairs of silicone ear tips in small, medium, and large sizes are included with the AirPods Pro, and they are all slightly oval rather than perfectly circular. The in-ear fit is perfect; unlike the standard AirPods, these should stay in place without incident and seal off the ear canal.

The 1.8 by 2.4 by 0.9-inch (HWD), 1.6-ounce wireless charging case may be charged using the USB-C to Lightning connection or a Qi pad (not included). An on-screen prompt on your adjacent iOS device appears when you open the case for the first time. The first prompt will advise you to download and install the necessary software update if one is required.

Airpods Pro Image

The earphones are ready to pair once the software update is finished, and this is also done with an on-screen prompt rather than by accessing the Bluetooth menu on your phone. Apple’s H1 chip, an upgrade to the W1 chip, makes all of this possible. Both processors enable similar functionality, but the H1 supports more recent Bluetooth technology, decreasing latency. Providing both of your pairs of AirPods have the H1 chip, you can also share music between the two of them.


Using Apple Airpods Pro

The on-ear controls are relatively simple. To play or pause, press either ear once. To skip ahead or backwards, tap twice or three times. To switch between ANC and Transparency modes, lightly press on the tiny strips on the front of the stems. The absence of physical volume controls is the one aspect of the design that we dislike.

The earpieces instantly detect when you put them in or take them out of your ear and play or pause music accordingly. You may avoid this feature by turning off Automatic Ear Detection in your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings, although doing so may be unpleasant if you’re not prepared for the music to begin.


You may now use hands-free “Hey Siri” voice control and ask Siri to read your texts. You can choose between the ANC and Transparency modes, as was already explained. You must select the linked AirPods Pro in the Bluetooth settings menu on your device to entirely off ANC. This brings up a menu where you may designate one ear to engage Siri and the other to activate ANC, or you can press and hold the earpiece stem to activate Siri instead of ANC. Instead of making you browse via the Bluetooth menu to access these options, Apple could build a specific AirPods app containing all these features. However, the controls may be altered and are much more functional and user-friendly than the standard model.


Adaptive EQ

Adaptive EQ analyzes the shape of your ear and automatically modifies the sound signature based on the findings. Technically speaking, I have no way of knowing if my ear shape causes a unique sound signature for me in a manner that wouldn’t work for someone else. In addition, there is no method for me to independently alter the bass, mids, or treble in this situation. Any iOS device you use has EQ modes, but a 5- or 10-band visual EQ gives you the most real-world flexibility.

ANC and Transparency Modes

The ANC and Transparency modes are delivered via dual mics; we’ll discuss them in the following section. However, it is not adaptable to ANC because you may change its levels, unlike the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700. We would like to see a dedicated app or some other mechanism to alter ANC levels and EQ adjustment, so once more, if there is one major complaint, it is that.

Apple  Airpods Pro Case

According to Apple, the battery lasts 4.5 hours on average per charge. Your results can vary substantially when ANC is involved; volume levels are also significant. (Apple claims that when neither ANC nor Transparency mode is used, the battery life is 5 hours.) The charging cover extends the battery life by an additional 19 to 20 hours, but bear in mind that Apple bases its battery life predictions on listening at 50% volume.


Consider the JBL UA True Wireless Flash or the RHA True Connect if all you’re looking for are high-quality true wireless in-ears without the need for ANC or the pricey Apple branding. The JBL pair has a bass-forward, gym-friendly style (with an IPX7 rating), while the RHA pair offers a fashionable, elegant aesthetic and top-notch audio performance. Both alternatives cost around $170. However, the AirPods Pro excel at several tasks and meshes well with the iOS ecosystem.

Apple  Airpods Pro Front

Apple demonstrates with the AirPods Pro how minor adjustments may significantly impact. The AirPods Pro boast an official water-resistance rating, a superior fit compared to the basic AirPods, and exceptional noise cancelling. To put it bluntly, they ought to be Apple’s standard offering in favour of the normal AirPods because of all the capabilities that make the earphones worth their $250 price tag. This unexpected development has shocked and impressed us, and we are pleased to give the AirPods Pro our Editors’ Choice designation.

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